Functional Considerations

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There are many ways to assure a standardized test is designed in a way that accommodates a broader range of users with or without special needs. Some of these considerations are listed below.

Content Presentation

The way the test content is presented and delivered to students affects their performance in that test. Students with visual, hearing, and learning disabilities are much more able to engage in the content when it is presented in a form they can understand. Thus, the following points should be considered during design and delivery of a test.


Text size

Images & diagrams


Alternative means

Auto updating content and navigational structure

Response Options

Students should be provided with different ways to respond to assessment questions.

Test Setting

The setting affects either where a test is taken or the way in which the environment is set up. Changing the environment is especially helpful to students who are easily distracted.

Test timing and scheduling

Allow flexibility in the timing of an assessment. Generally, these are chosen for students who may need more time to process information or need breaks throughout the testing process to regroup and refocus.